Sunday, December 12, 2010

Melaka Indoor Swimming Pool

This is the new "heaven" I discovered in Melaka. Too bad I am only here for 2 months. =(

Finally.....FINALLY, Melaka has its SUKMA indoor swimming pool open for public!! It is a swimming complex with 2 pools: 1 Olympic-sized pool (25m X 50m) with 11 lanes and 1 diving pool which are 18 feet deep. Here you often find the state's polo team do their routine training. The complex is part of Stadium Hang Jebat, located in Krubong adjacent to the federal highway.This something new to me; indoor means independence of weather to go for a swim, be it hot sun or lightning storms. =D

Thing you might need to take notes:
The pool closes every Monday, rm3 per entrance, 9am-12pm, 2pm-4pm and 6pm-8pm. The water is not clear at the moment and its is very cold, since it is indoor. =D The only bad thing about this pool is that it would be off when there are competitions or training sessions going on. =\ Therefore it is vital to make a phone call to the POCs if you are not sure of it.

Somehow I still prefer the MPMB swimming pool, certain aspects. Because it has clear, warm water with a 12 feet deep-end for swimming and diving. And most of my swimming party are always there. =)


  1. Well, that stadium has renovated a lot. I'm glad to know that the SUKMA indoor swimming pool is open for public...

  2. Any contact number so can call up.
    And can you provide the map to go there ? LOL


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