Thursday, November 21, 2013

What could be more permanent?

I was playing this RPG game for some time and training for my game character. Then I start to ponder: "Why shall I waste my time doing something unreal. When I press the 'shutdown' button everything is gone."  "All that hard-earned gold, online friends, jobs, levels, skills, items, avatar appearance, attributes, etc could not be brought to real life."

Then I think "Why not I spend my time to train myself in reality; know more people, start good career, earn more money, own big properties, excels in sports, self enrichment, etc"

But one question strikes my mind - was reality another version of RPG game with a similar 'shutdown' button?

What could be more permanent?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Encounters with Samaritans

Case #1: Last week I had a bad diarrhea while in China, thanks to a kind China doctor (by then was stranger) in our tour group that had sacrificed his lunch, time, and money just to bring me by cab all the way to a hospital and get me treated for free. I recovered almost completely in the next day.

Case #2: Today another Encik pressed on my doorbell and called out my name. He asked if I had lost anything important. To my surprise I found my bag wasn't zipped that my wallet had fell off the road. He return me my wallet intact and asked me to be careful.

....continue to read if you wanna know my expression....
All of a sudden the world I lived in turns into Utopia. My expression of gratitude are beyond words. Just some simple good deeds may touch the hearts of one or two, or even millions. 

The purpose I share my experience is to let all know that good people are still around the world may God bless them, and lets do good together to make the world an even better place! Its hard to believe that every time I lost my stuff people would return it to me. Yes I do always return people their lost stuffs (smart phones, purse, pendrives, etc), maybe its time to believe in cause-and-effect?

Picture Below: The doctor in China that had helped me. Really thanks to him in millions and I had no idea how to repay his kindess!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A story from me in Cambodia

While in Cambodia 1 teenage boy approach me...

Boy: Sir, please buy this book from me, 1USD
me: Are you sure? (doube confirmed with him)
Boy: Yes, only USD 1. Please by from me, I am very poor.
me: Okay (took the book)
Boy: Its USD 11 sir.
me: I thought you said its USD 1?
Boy: No sir, USD 1 is for the Postcard....
me: Then I do not want it anymore...thx. 

I returned the book to him but he do not want to take it...until I leave the book on a rock pillars. The boy then slowly reduced the prize till USD 5 after I keep ignoring him. I felt some pity in the bottom of my heart. Also, the book he is selling is actually the book that I am looking for, and USD 5 is extremely cheap that in my heart, I really wanted to buy. I had to make a painful decision then.

me: Sorry, you lied to me, so I do not want to buy from you. 
Boy: If I do not said USD 1, would you even look at me? I am very poor, I need money to study....please buy from me...
me: I am really sorry boy, you just can't lie. You can beg, and if you're honest, I would give you some money. But you don't lie.

Immediately another Cambodian boy come over to sell me the same book not far away, this boy did not use that dirty tactic so I buy from him instead. I feel extremely bad for the first boy as he silently watched his fren selling that very same book to me. Somehow, there is an unspeakable pain in my heart, but I had to teach him the hard way.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Black Semester Ends.

FYI this is a re-post. The original post is being deleted by Blogger a week ago unknowingly and resurfaced mysteriously. So this is not a real-time post. It reflects my feeling a week ago when the semester break started. And this mishaps of Blogger had even added my misfortunes for the last semester. 

Last semester (January 2011) is another black one . Misfortune keep surface one after another; I lost many precious things. My right shoulder was dislocated, and makes me not fit to swim FOREVER. The damage of the tendon in the arms could never heal. Therefore I can't even go to the gym. Well, then I may just turn my fitness program to jogging. But who knew I sprained my knee, and now can't jog anymore! DThen how should I keep fit? I dont know. I just feel kinda pissed. Depressed. Helpless. =\ And I have to cancel all my plans for many runs and marathon events which I gonna take part in this few coming months. Damn sad...coz I had anticipated so much for participating in all these runs/triathlon/swimming events etc. And now all my dreams vanished into thin air. Its like Osama got hit by the bom. Gone....

Not only my body had suffered  lost. many of my "properties" lost as well. My car window got smashed (RM110) + (RM100 sunscreen) and I lost my favorite waterproof bag (RM5). The burglar took it away with all my expensive sun lotion, shampoos and stuff(RM100++). =(. My car bonnet was leaking too and haven't get it fixed. Then my laptop also went kinda crazy. Keep on BSOD-ing anytime anywhere . And the WORSE thing is it keep bluescreen-ing during my finals and never able to start at all. How I gonna study? Luckily I had did some of my revision early enough. Then my sport sling bag (RM46) koyak, my luggage zip broken, laptop bag (RM78) also got its zip broken!! WTF! I lost 4 bags in 1 semester! Not to forget that my printer also malfunctioned and couldn't fix yet though I had spent RM20 to repair it. Oh yea my handphone (Rm410) also died early in the semester  and I downgraded it into a nokia N-series. Argh what a damn BLACK semester!

"All Izz Well!!". I prayed that everything goes well for the next semester (which is now). I real hope my shoulder and knee would recover soon so that I can go back to active again. SIGH~~~

Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Fruits Talks

Here are the 9 jokes which I could think of for the moment, all abouts fruits. Hope you guys has a good laugh. =D Sooner I might draw some funny comics strips if I have more inspiration.

Durian: Hey hairy, how are you?
Rambutan: Shutup. At least imma not horny.

Eggs: W'sup mate, why're you so hairy?
Kiwi: U idiot. Imma not from a chicken's ass.

Orange: Hey friend, why are you laughing?
Apple: Coz durian claimed that he'd made Newton discovered gravity! And he even claimed that he's the one that stuck in Adam's throat...

Banana: Hahaha u looks like an ass! And when u're dry u looks like a nut sack!
Prune: You look worse!!

Papaya: hey who is that dude?
Banana: I have no idea, mate.
Umbrella: Did I even looks like one of you guys????

Apple: Wanna go for horror movie?
Orange: Which movie dude?
Apple: Iron Chef Episode III. They gonna make apple pie and orange juice.

Tomato: I love you! Would you marry me?
Apple: Sorry we can't be together. Coz you're a damn vege!

peanut: Anyone has the nuts to challenge me??
Coconut: Here I come~~

Potato: Can you please don't took off your shirt simply?
Banana: What's the matter? It's hot out there.
Potato: My uncle fell down and turned into smashed potato.

 DISCLAIMERS: None of the above are copy-righted and are mostly of my own inspiration. 
These are of non-educative purposes and therefore might be a piece of crap to nerds who might not have a sense of humour. If they pollute your nerdy mind please don't memorize them. Any mishap is regrettable.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In A Complicated Relationship...=\

During a Chinese wedding dinner Ah Hock ask his 3 years old son Meng to greet and address all the elderlies. Its a common practice among the Chinese to greet each others to show politeness. And here Meng goes one by one:

"AhGong, AhPuo, DaShu, ErShu, ShanGu, SanShuMu, XiaoGu, XiaoShu, SanGuZhang, XiaoGu, XiaoGuZhang, BiaoShu, BiaoErShu, TangShu, TangShuMu, DaYima, ErYima, XiaoShuGong, etc.." 

Did you see a rainbow? Because the chinese are colourful. Pity little Meng. Okay. Now lets twist the situation a lil. Everything remains the same except that we change all the characters into English people. Ah Hock becomes John and Meng becomes Little John. He greets all the elderlies too one by one and here he goes:

"Grandpa, Grandma, uncle, uncleaunt, aunt, aunt, uncle, uncleaunt, uncleuncleuncle  uncle  auntauntauntuncle, etc.."

AND I really can't deny that Chinese has a real complicated relationships. Lets get an example. Who is TangShuMu? She is your father's father's grandpa's brother's wife. And who is ErYima? To be frank, I also can't remeber......too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I FINISHed my exam!! (Punch-worthy article!!) =P

Yeah my exam has already finish!!! And how should I showoff announce it to my friend who are still having their paper until the next week?? hiak hiak. Lets try a few of this *evil grin*:

""Shhhhhhh.....lemme tell you a little secret.....MY EXAM IS OVER!!!!"
"Haiz...why is my exam over TOO soon.WHY? Its boring you know..."
"Hey, wanna ask you, did I just finished my exam??" *sohai face* =3"

Which statement would earn me more punches/slaps? xD
Hope you have a good laugh after reading this and at the same time, dun whack me. Hope I do help you to release some good stress. Good luck peeps! All da best and may God bless. =)

Anyway I am going home tomorrow. And I real miss my family. Cant wait any longer! >.<

Rocks Collection

Rocks Collection
Rocks collected since I was young...

Uni Mates!

Uni Mates!
A picture mosaics of of V6 residents in year 2008.


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